How to Instruct Tim

1 Call Clerks
John White - +44 207 583 9020
Daniel Kemp - +44 207 583 9020
2 Discuss Expertise Required.
3 Negotiate fee & send written Instruction

If you still have any questions, please let me know, by sending an email to tgreen@hendersonchambers.co.uk . Thank you!


Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Legal Directories

What the Legal Directories say about Tim Green

Chambers and Partners 2019
"Tim gives helpful advice and is very accessible to the instructing solicitor." "He's a proactive barrister who gets to grips with the case very quickly."
Chambers and Partners 2018
"He is a very well-known name in crime and confiscation, who works all over the UK.”
Chambers and Partners 2017
He has a very good reputation, and he makes well-structured, attractive submissions where everything is very well thought through”
Chambers and Partners 2016
"Very commercially savvy. He's also very bright, capable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. If you need him to, he can pull out all the stops and produce things at the eleventh hour."
Chambers and Partners 2015
“Tim Green is fantastic and a very good advocate” [Environmental Law]

“He is pleasant, straightforward to deal with and a safe pair of hands." "He's really a jury advocate, but he's also very good with client and client handling" [Health and Safety]

"He's probably one of the best out there in terms of confiscation work." "He's very switched-on, approachable and easy to deal with" [Proceeds of Crime]
Chambers and Partners 2014
"A leader at the Bar"

"One of leading counsel for POCA work outside of London"

"Client sources are particularly keen to praise his commercial awareness"

"A highly skilled barrister who is incredibly good in front of a jury".

Tim was also recommended specifically for health and safety work and proceeds of crime.
Legal 500
"recommends Tim Green for all regulatory work"
Chambers and Partners 2013
"recommends Tim for proceeds of crime work"
Legal 500
"recommended Tim for fraud and financial crime."
Chambers and Partners 2012
"recommended Tim for proceeds of crime work"
Legal 500
"recommended Tim for "complex, professional and banking fraud"
Chambers and Partners 2011
"recommended Tim for proceeds of crime work"