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Tim is very well versed in FSMA, the FCA Handbook and associated case law.

He now advises lenders, investment firms, solicitors and high net wealth individuals on all aspects financial services regulation and compliance including:
  • the directors of a multi-jurisdictional gaming company on AML compliance
  • a specialist lender on AML and its application to a low risk loan book
  • a well-known retail brand facing FCA investigation for fraud
  • a large retail financial services company facing multiple FCA enforcement actions
  • multiple solicitors and investors on the rules governing collective investment schemes.

In 2012 Tim Green was seconded to a “Technical Specialist” role in the FCA Enforcement Division and subsequently led FCA enforcement activity against banks, hedge funds, investment houses, retail financial services firms and senior managers giving him an excellent knowledge of FCA principles, rules, powers and processes.

Chambers and Partners
“He has experience of heavyweight money laundering matters.”
Chambers and Partners
“He has experience of heavyweight money laundering matters.”




Re Payday loans 2018

Advising a very large US lender on compliance with UK payday loan principles and rules.

Re a developer 2017

Advising a leading solicitor’s firm on regulatory obligations in respect of the sale of investments in an unregulated collective investment scheme.

Re Peer to Peer Lending 2017

Advising a large US investor on the FCA rules governing P2P lending platforms and associated regulation.

Re TMMP 2016

Tim is advising the partners of a very known retain financial advisor on a s165 FSMA investigation, disclosure to the FCA and stage 1 negotiations for a settlement.

Re OPR Ltd 2016

Defence of a well-known company and its directors following FCA investigation for breach of the Prospectus Rules.

Re Brydge 2015

Advised venture capitalist firm on the law, principles and rules governing a complex and novel investment scheme.

Re Consumer Credit Licenses 2015

Advised three US lenders on the relevant law, FCA principles and rules applicable to consumer credit licenses for “payday loans”.

Re H UK Limited 2015

Advised UK investment firm with $1bn under management on acquisition of claims management company and compliance with FSMA and the FCA Handbook.

Re Investment Co 2015

Advised an investment company on the application Prospectus Rules and issue of mini-bonds P2P lending.

Re the FSCS 2014

Represented multiple investors on a successful challenge to the FSCS following liquidation of regulated firms.

Re a major health insurer 2014

Successfully advised a leading private health insurer on the application of FCA Handbook to sale of insurance products to schools.

Re a leading solicitor’s firm 2014

Successfully advised a leading solicitor of the application of CIS rules to sale of apartments to investors in China.