How to Instruct Tim

1 Call Clerks
John White - +44 207 583 9020
Daniel Kemp - +44 207 583 9020
2 Discuss Expertise Required.
3 Negotiate fee & send written Instruction

If you still have any questions, please let me know, by sending an email to tgreen@hendersonchambers.co.uk . Thank you!


Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Public Access

Tim has been a member of the Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme for over 4 years.

As well as receiving instructions from independent solicitors and government, Tim regularly receives instructions directly from in-house counsel, company officers and their firms.

In particular, Tim frequently provides advice on compliance with regulatory law well before any investigation is contemplated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Access

Most instructions to a Tim come via a solicitor. Public Access instructions come to Tim directly from the public or from a company director or from a company itself.

The client contacts Tim through his clerks, and in the right case, Tim agrees to receive instructions direct from his lay client. The advantage for the client is that legal costs are reduced by only having a barrister instructed instead of a solicitor and barrister.

Only in certain cases. In regulatory litigation most cases need a solicitor and a barrister to provide the client with the best representation. A solicitor can concentrate on managing the case overall with the resources of his firm at his disposal, whilst Tim concentrates on using his expert skills and experience to provide advice and advocacy.

However, in some cases Tim is able to provide his clients with a high quality service where he acts alone without a solicitor. These cases are typically where Tim acts for a professional person or on behalf of a firm.

Contact Tim's clerks on +44 (0) 20 7353 6381. They will provide more information about how Public Access works and through them you can ask Tim if he will accept your case. "